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Wonderful Dog Sam

Our pets are our best friends.  Their health, happiness and longevity are directly connected to their diet.

This is a picture of my wonderful SAM (Sam Man) who, sadly, was diagnosed on July 13, 2009 with the aggressive blood and mass tumor cancer, hemangiosarcoma.   At that time he was given a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks to survive.

By mixing the food at home I could control and omit grains (corn, wheat, rice, oats and soy products) because cancer cells thrive on carbohydrates, I understand.  I also wanted to stay away from “natural flavoring”, “animal by-products”, “animal digest” and so many other questionable things that are often added to commercial dog food.  I learned that RAW diets more closely resemble the needs of a dog.  They are carnivores, after all.  It contains enzymes and minerals that are not cooked away in processed food.

So, this was SAM’s RAW diet.

Ground turkey breast, or ground beef

Egg yolks (no whites)

Broccoli and carrots chopped and put into the blender

Maitake* mushroom, fresh but extract can be used.

Spirulena, blue-green algae, a strong anti-oxidant

Chlorophyll, a blood red-cell builder

Colostrum, supports immune system

Fish oil, Vitamins and Calcium and the cancer fighting spice, Tumeric, filtered water.

All of the above was mixed together into a thick “soup” and formed into golf-ball sized balls.  They were frozen and then gathered into baggies for easy daily use access.

SAM polished off his green colored breakfast every morning and his poops were small and also green.  

*Maitake mushrooms, also known as Hen of the Woods, often can be found at the base of older oak trees.  Occasionally, one will appear on the oak tree just outside my kitchen window.  But not this year.  Instead, I have found fresh Maitake mushrooms at my local grocery.  Why Maitake mushrooms?  They have long been considered a major anti-cancer mushroom throughout the Orient.  The centuries old combatant is certainly worth a try.  Extract of Maitake mushroom is also available at large natural food stores.

Here is only one site to explore regarding the benefits of Maitake mushrooms:

IN ADDITION TO THE DIET, SAM was on a medication, Rapamycin (also known as Rapamune).  It is a human mediation intended to fight against rejection of organ transplants.  SAM received one 1 mg #10 tablet twice a week (Monday and Thursday).  It is difficult to locate and it is expensive but definitely worth the effort and cost.

Was this diet helping him?  I like to think so and was willing to go the extra mile to keep him with me for as long as possible.  Was it a cure?  That is probably too optimistic. I was told that in her experience, my vet has not known a dog with this aggressive disease to survive more than 60 days.  SAM’s “60 day threshold” was September 10, 2009.  

It is with heart breaking sadness that I submit this post to tell you that SAM succumbed to the cancer on July 22, 2010, a full 53 weeks after his diagnosis.  53 weeks of loving and playful energy.  He was my Miracle Man.

I am thankful for each and every day that we could share together.  SAM was one in a million.  He will always hold a special spot in my heart.

I hope that my experience will help you if you, too, receive the heartbreaking news of cancer for your pet.




Upon learning of his diagnosis I weighed the alternatives and decided against chemo.  Instead I headed to the Internet for considerable research and discussions with holistic doctors.  I then formulated a diet nearly free of carbohydrates and packed with anti-oxidant and blood building additives.  If any of you have suggestions, please share by sending me an email message.....see below.