Pet Portraits by JACK LINDSAY
Handsome custom pet portraits in pastels created from your photos of dogs, cats, horses, birds and all the pets we love.
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paw print

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I would be especially pleased to create a custom quality and reasonably priced pet portrait of your cherished pet dog, pet cat, pet horse or pet bird to honor your memories with a pet memorial tribute. presents Pet Portraits by Jack Lindsay

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These pages are devoted to a variety of articles  concerning, among others, pet behavior, dog training, obedience, agility, breed selection and characteristics and canine health.

I have not written these pieces and therefore take no responsibility for their accuracy.  At the bottom of each article is a link to the author.

The subjects will change periodically so please check back for up-dates and new information.

In the meantime, enjoy.


Of interest to all pet guardians.


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