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I would be especially pleased to create a custom quality and reasonably priced pet portrait of your cherished pet dog, pet cat, pet horse or pet bird to honor your memories with a pet memorial tribute. presents Pet Portraits by Jack Lindsay

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Development of a Pastel Pet Portrait


She is a wonderful girl with loads of personality.  Being a Terrier mix means that she has curiosity and energy to share.  Since her care-taker/companion is a Master Technical Director for the local Community Theatre, puppy Gypsy spent many days as a “theatre girl” over-seeing and assisting in the construction of theatrical settings. She quickly became a welcome mascot.
When creating Gypsy’s portrait I began, as I do with all portraits, with the eyes.  I find a connection with the animal when it is looking back at me as work progresses.  Here is a photo of the first sketch lay-out with emphasis on the eyes.
Gypsy 1
Gradually I began to block in the shading and color areas as shown in the next photograph.
Gypsy 2
More details and depth of colors begin to bring contour to the face.
Gypsy 3
Still more work to do but highlights and shadows are beginning to take shape.
Gypsy 4
And the completed portrait.

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