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I would be especially pleased to create a custom quality and reasonably priced pet portrait of your cherished pet dog, pet cat, pet horse or pet bird to honor your memories with a pet memorial tribute. presents Pet Portraits by Jack Lindsay

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dog portrait of tony

dog portrait of tony

Dog Portrait of TONY


I hope that most of your questions regarding the ordering of a custom pastel pet portrait will be answered on this page.  But, if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Click here for a print-out ORDER FORM


Click here for  FRAME SELECTION

Along with your order, please send several carefully selected clear photographs of your pet to me. Indicate which photo best represents his or her personality; which shows the truest coloring (eyes and coat) and any other information that you feel will be helpful for me to “see” what you see.  Post-it notes work well for this information. Not to worry....ALL PHOTOS WILL BE RETURNED WITH THE COMPLETED PORTRAIT.  As technology has developed so has the quality of email attachments.  Therefore,

the possibility of this method is a consideration.

Click here for PHOTO TIPS

All of my portraits are completed in a pastel medium on a non-yellowing acid-free heavy paper stock. They are also shipped fully matted with double mats and ready

for framing. (See FRAMES below.)



* 12 X 16 PORTRAIT, unframed ....$ 255.00* Plus shipping.

* 16 X 20 PORTRAIT, unframed ....$ 285.00* Plus shipping. Note: this size is the best for capturing details and is the most popular selection.

* Additional head image in a single work, add....$ 170.00 each

Special sizes are available and suggested for multiple images.

* *Plus $ 35.00, (framed prior to shipment) or $20.00, (unframed artwork) for packing and shipping via Insured Priority Mail (2 - 3 days). Cost is calculated by averaging the U.S. Post Office rates...wish that I could do it for less but, unfortunately, Insured Priority Mail costs keep going UP. (Note: costs for

shipping out of the U.S. will need to be calculated.)

A note about payment policy:   We all can be a bit apprehensive when buying a product or accepting a commission over the Internet. However, until we work together, all I can offer are words at this point. But I will try to explain: a pet portrait is a very time consuming one-of-a-kind custom endeavor. Once the creative process begins I concentrate only on that portrait until it is completed. The next step is to present a scanned version to you for approval and/or changes. Fortunately and happily, all of my portraits have received final approval. So, because the creative process is a major commitment on my part, I accept orders with full payment to insure the sincerity of the request. However, please know that I DO NOT deposit

your check until the portrait is completed, until it has been scanned and sent via

e-mail for approval and until the final approved version is shipped to you. Should

you not like the portrait all monies will be returned. I trust that you understand.

Click here for a FRAME SELECTION

You may also order your portrait framed in a handsome quality classic wood molding from a selection of styles and colors compatible with contemporary or traditional interiors.    Pastels can last for generations providing that they are protected behind glass or acrylic.  It is for this reason they I’d like to suggest that you might consider having the portrait framed prior to shipment.  In this way your investment will be protected during shipment and, after arrival, there will not be the potential damage caused from handling of the exposed portrait.  Also, once it does arrive it has the advantage of being ready to give as a gift or to hang on the wall.  This is not a requirement, of course, but merely a suggestion.  If it does appeal to you please

look at a handsome collection of styles and colors that I am providing by clicking on this link: FRAMES  

This is of very little profit to me but gives us both peace of mind.


A wonderful way to personalize your portrait is through your own words. You see, I provide a dedication for the back of each portrait that includes the name of your pet along with your special words that reflect the love you have shared. For example, "SKIPPER, our squirrel chaser, our security alarm, our love sponge. You will always be in our hearts. Created especially for ______ and given with affection by ______. Happy Birthday, 2013" Of course, they would be your words. So, please be thinking about what you would like to say and include those words with your order.


Need a unique gift for someone special? A gift certificate is the perfect answer for

the pet lover. Let me know the particulars and I will be pleased to send a beautiful certificate to either you or your friend for a future portrait.


Click here for a print-out  ORDER FORM.

With your photos, please include a check or money order payable to:


138 East Mountain Way, Asheville, North Carolina 28805

Phone: 828-299-3766, E-mail:

Usual delivery is 4 - 6 weeks. However, I will make every effort to accommodate special gift or occasion dates. Just let me know. Of course, include the delivery address.

We will need to "talk", so please include your E-MAIL or snail mail address and phone number for acknowledgment and communication.

I enjoy hearing from pet lovers around the world so even if you are not planning to order a portrait at this time please drop me a note. (see Email above)


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