How do I start a commission for a portrait?
Please read the information on the "Order Info." page.  ORDER INFORMATION
I hope that most of your questions will be answered there, but, if not, don't hesitate to contact me by email at or phone 828-299-3766.

How do I contact you?
There are several methods to contact me.  They are listed here:  CONTACT

How should I send photos to you?
I can work from email attachments, actual photo prints sent by snail mail or CD Rom versions of the images.  Keep in mind, while I often work from one main photograph I like to see additional photos that help to illustrate eye color, ear set, personality traits and more.  So please send several.   The quality of the photos should be clear, in focus and with the primary subject being your furry friend.  Photos taken at a position level with the subject reduces distortion.  I also appreicate notes from you about the photos, your preferences and any other aspects that will help me to see what you see and learn about your pet.

I would like more than one image in the portrait.  Is it possible to send separate photos?
Of course, but for  balancing size relationships, it is especially helpful to have at least one photo with all of the subjects together. 

Do you hand-paint the portrait?
Yes, every portrait is unique and created by my own hand.  I do not use digital images.  If you would like to see the process of creating a pet portrait of GYPSY, please click here  DEVELOPMENT OF A PET PORTRAIT.

What are pastels and why are they the medium of choice for pet portraits?  And will they last?
Pastels provide a depth of color, delicacy and softness of the pet's coat.  Artists pastels are sometimes mistaken for chalk.  But they are vastly superior in that they are finely ground pure pigment combined with a binder to make them workable.  They are fade resistent but, as with all art, to retain their freshness of color they should not be displayed in direct sunlight. I use very heavy weight acid free archival quality paper for the base and if properly protected  with a double mat and behind glass or acrylic, they will last for generations.

How much time is required before receiving the finished portrait?
The number of commissions fluctuates with the seasons.  Holiday gift giving time is the most congested, understandably, and I urge you to place your order early to assure a Christmas delivery.
The usual delivery time can range from 3 to 4 weeks.  This includes the actual creation of the portrait, the submission of a scanned version to you for approval or changes, the optional framing, packaging and shipment. If you have a birthday, anniversary or other special event that needs a timely delivery, don't hesitate to let me know and I will definitely try to accomodate your needs.

Will I see the portrait before shipment?
Absolutely. I will send you a scanned version of the portrait.  At that time I welcome your approval or suggestions for changes.  Another scanned version will be sent to you incorporating your suggestions and only after your final approval will the portrait be shipped.

Can I have it framed prior to shipping?
Yes.  I offer the optional opportunity to have the portrait framed, if you so desire.  By doing so, the portrait will be protected during shipment and, upon arrival, it is ready to be given as a gift or hung on the wall.
This service is of very little profit to me.  Instead, I feel it is an insurance that the portrait will not be handled many times before it is protected under glass or acrylic.  To see a selection of handsome frames, please click here FRAMES.  I will also ship matted but unframed portraits, if you choose.  But I cannot be responsible for any damage that might occur to the unprotected portrait.

How do you ship?
For many years I have had great success with Insured Priority US Mail.  I have found it to be a very reliable and safe method for shipment.

Will you display the portrait on the web site?
I often change the images on my web site and quite possibly will add your portrait to the pages.  If you would prefer that it not be posted, please let me know.
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Pet Portraits by JACK LINDSAY
Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds
Pet Portraits by JACK LINDSAY
Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds