Pet Portraits of Dogs, Cats, Horses
Pastels can last for generations providing that they are protected behind glass or acrylic. It is for this reason that I'd like to suggest that you might consider having the portrait framed prior to shipment. In this way, your investment will be protected during shipment. After arrival, there will not be potential damage from handling of the exposed portrait as the package is opened or as it is being viewed and transported to the framer. Also, once it does arrive it has the advantage of being ready to give as a gift or to hang on the wall. This idea is certainly not a requirement but merely a suggestion. If it does appeal to you, please take a look at a handsome selection of colors and styles of excellent quality frames that I am providing for you.  All framed portraits include a double mat and acrylic “glass” and are made from solid wood.  I’m sure that you will be very pleased with the finished result.


A nice alternative to a solid black frame.  Here the hand-rubbed ebony finish is accented by a hint of natural wood.  A classy traditional frame.
1 3/4" wide

12" X 16" .........$ 120.00                   16" X 20" .........$ 128.00


Here is truly one of the most handsome frames to compliment your pet’s portrait. It has great shaded wood finish and depth from the wall.
1 1/2" wide X 1 3/8" deep

12" X 16" .........$ 120.00                     16" X 20" .........$ 128.00

A traditional frame in a beautiful and rich wood finish with accents of a lighter color.
1 3/4" wide

12" X 16" .........$120.00                       16" X 20" .........$128.00


Here is a rustic but sophisticated molding.  The wood grain is enhances both visually and as a tactile texture.
2" wide.

12" X 16" .........$ 110.00                        16" X 20" .........$ 100.00 


A contemporary but casual deep cherry flat frame. A beautiful compliment to a pet’s natural coloring.
2" wide

12" X 16" .........$ 110.00                           16" X 20" .........$100.00

A contemporary but casual black flat frame that enhances the integrity of the wood grain.
2" wide

12" X 16" .........$ 110.00                          16" X 20" .........$100.00

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