Pet Portraits by JACK LINDSAY
Handsome custom pet portraits in pastels created from your photos of dogs, cats, horses, birds and all the pets we love.
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I would be especially pleased to create a custom quality and reasonably priced pet portrait of your cherished pet dog, pet cat, pet horse or pet bird to honor your memories with a pet memorial tribute. presents Pet Portraits by Jack Lindsay

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Cat Pet Portrait Gallery
Please enjoy this small sampling of cat portraits chosen from over 400 pet portraits that I have created by hand for happy pet guardians.
To view a larger image, please click on the thumbnail of your choice.
Cat Portrait of Simba
Cat Portrait of Bogey
Cat Portrait of Montana
Cat Portrait of Allie
Bird Portrait of Madison and Parker
Cat Portrait of Vittles
Cat Portrait of Parker
Cat Portrait of Pumpkin and Patch
Cat Portrait of Lisa
A pet portrait by Jack Lindsay will put a wag in your tail and a smile in your heart.


Cat Portrait of Jack