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Handsome custom pet portraits in pastels created from your photos of dogs, cats, horses, birds and all the pets we love.

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I would be especially pleased to create a custom quality and reasonably priced pet portrait of your cherished pet dog, pet cat, pet horse or pet bird to honor your memories with a pet memorial tribute. presents Pet Portraits by Jack Lindsay

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southwest view of mountains


This is the view from my deck in the extraordinary community of Asheville, North Carolina. It is here that I’m realizing my dream to live in and with nature: trees, gardens, bears, rabbits, wild turkeys, mild seasonal changes and, of course, my dogs and much more. Whereas I grew up in Tacoma, Washington and attended school at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and graduate school at Tulane University in New Orleans and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, resulting in big city careers, I have always had a great affinity for the rhythms of nature and a love of animals.  Careers in theatrical scenic design, a Vice Presidency with a major retail firm in New York City and the owner/designer of a to-the-trade textile/wallcovering company were rewarding and challenging but did not truly fulfill my needs to be close to nature.  It wasn’t until retirement in 2001 that I was provided with the opportunity to relocate to these beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. It is here that  I  share a wonderful space with my three dogs (2 Smooth Fox Terriers, NORA and NIKKI and a Papillon, GENEVIEVE), 9 Call Ducks and numerous chickens.  With a little more room I would definitely add a horse or two to the “family”.  

As far back as I can remember, I have always drawn.  As a very young child, images of adventure characters were painted on the backside of my bedroom door.  I thought, of course, that Mom would never notice them.  How mistaken I was!  Not only did she discover them but trotted guests and friends to my room to proudly say, much to my embarrassment,  “Look what little Jackie did!”  As an adult, with multicolored textile designs and scenic designs for Broadway and community productions, I nearly always had and still have a pencil in my hand. As business careers began to wind down I, at last, was able to concentrate on developing the art I knew I would truly enjoy creating: animal pet portraits.  I had a big challenge to conquer, however. Although I had created designs for plays/musicals, interiors for residential, commercial, hospitality and marine clients and countless textile concepts, I had never had any formal art training, let alone the painting of animals. And I had never worked with pastels. There was a definite learning curve as I taught myself the rewarding intricacies of the art of capturing the personality of our favorite pets.  Now, some 600+ portraits later, I still find enjoyment in spending time exploring those unique personalities as art.  Interestingly, as I begin a portrait I nearly always start with the eyes because, for me, they are the windows to that personality.

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